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“Our staff of 6 diverse individuals ranging in age from 20-45 began our journey with Gloria with pretty varied levels of comfort regarding the idea of music therapy. However, after day one, I was thrilled to see that each member of our staff looked relieved, excited, and inspired by the session and everyone looked forward to Gloria’s return the next day As a manager of people, I was thrilled to see some of my most introverted staff finally find a voice with the help of music and Gloria’s work sessions.”

-Laura Dodds, Executive Director of TechPoint Foundation for Youth


Staff Retreat

“Stearns Music Therapy has provided my child a safe place for expression and an opportunity to learn essential skills for self-regulation. I’m amazed at how much is accomplished in each session. We’re very pleased with Gloria and this group!

-Client Parent

Safe Place for Expression

“You are so wonderful with the girls!  Someday I’d be interested in learning the theory behind music therapy, but at this point it’s like magic!  I get to know, for the first time, what my daughter is thinking…..because she tells me!  She talks ALL the time now.  It converged at the perfect time!  She loves her new school, her teacher, her friends.  Somehow you opened the door that’s been locked for so long.  Thank you, Gloria!”


Somehow you opened the door